Author Guidelines

Texts offered for publication are accepted in electronic form at the email address as attachments in docx, doc or rtf formats 아파치 메이븐 다운로드. It is necessary for the magazine that the author state the institution he/she represents, and his/her email address.

For publications in the section of Studies, we prefer methodologically oriented texts aiming at familiarizing the reader with the latest trends in electoral research, the possibilities of applying various methods, both on theoretical level and with specific examples Jurassic World 2. Further, we accept detailed analyses of electoral competitions, effects of electoral reforms, strategic effects of electoral systems, changes in electoral behaviour, and electoral campaigns HangulViewer 2010 Download. The length of a Study should be 20 – 25 pages.

In the section of Articles, we can publish texts that are related to the magazine’s technical orientation and whose length or subject doesn’t meet the requirements for a Study (narrowly focused analyses, solving partial problems) 지능형 형태소 분석기 다운로드. The length of Articles should be 5 – 15 pages.

Review Articles and Reviews not exceeding 10 pages will also be accepted for publication. It is also possible to publish Discussion Contributions focused on current research problems or disputable moments in current technical discussion pdf 변환 다운로드.

All texts are submitted for anonymous review procedures.


Formal Requirements for Texts Submitted for Review Procedure

Text layout:

Font size 12, spacing 1.5

Form of references:

In-text references (in parentheses) are preferred c# webfiles. Footnotes must be limited only to necessary cases. If used, they shall be inserted in the corresponding page of the text (Insert – Reference – Footnote), with Arabic number format sas program.


The text must include a list of sources and literature used whose internal division is up to the author. Access date is required for electronic sources Download Atlantica.

Reference example:

In text: (Birch 2003: 146)

In bibliography: Birch, S. (2003): Electoral Systems and Political Transformation in Post-Communist Europe, New York, Palgrave Macmillan Download BlueSoft Batting Practice.

Format of tables, graphs, schemes, and maps:

When used, they must have the source stated (unless it is obvious from the text itself) 축복합니다 다운로드. Arranging data in tables is preferred to dividing into columns.

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